Here we will provide you with an overview of the Black Mesa Server, so it will be way easier for you to navigate on the server itself!




The current address of the Black Mesa Server -




The Black Mesa Server supports all standard Unreal Tournament 2004 game types and pretty much of the custom ones. Here is the full list of the supported game types in the alphabetical order:


- Assault
- Ballistic Invasion
- Bombing Run
- Capture The Flag
- Carball
- Classic Invasion
- Command & Skaarj
- Deathball
- Deathmatch
- Dodgeball
- Dodgeball Deathmatch
- Double Domination
- Instagib Bombing Run

- Instagib Deathmatch

- Instagib Team Deathmatch

- Instagib Vehicle Capture The Flag

- Last Man Standing

- Low Gravity Instagib Capture The Flag
- Mutant

- Normal Gravity Instagib Capture The Flag
- Onslaught

- RPG Invasion

- Skaarj Fest
- Team Deathmatch

- Unreal 1 Cooperative
- Unreal Open
- UT Comp Clan Arena
- Vehicle Capture The Flag


Among the wide variety of the game types the Black Mesa Server can offer you can choose the one that you like most of all!




In sum the Black Mesa Server has more than 750 maps installed! On it you can find small duel maps and large luxurious maps where tens of players will feel themselves freely!