This tab will show you all the maps that belong to the special map pack that is present on the Black Mesa Server and which is proudly called - Black Mesa Map Pack.


Some of the maps, which are present on the Black Mesa Server, have been created by the players of this server, specially for this server and for its Community. All these maps have been integrated into the Black Mesa Map Pack by their authors' permissions and here is the full list of them in the alphabetical order:


- CNS-BM-Arctic
- CNS-BM-Foggy-Mountains
- DM-BM-Egypt-Campgrounds
- DM-BM-Gang-Wars
- DM-BM-Gjalpinulva
- DM-BM-Lost-Tombs
- DoB-BM-Mountain-Duel
- DoB-BM-Spaceyard


You can find these maps on the top of the maplists in all game types which are using CNS, DM and DoB maps.


Please note that despite these maps have been created specially for the Black Mesa Server and for its Community - their usage on third-party servers is not forbidden! However, it is strictly forbidden to do any changes on these maps and/or publish them from the names of third-party persons without the permissions of the original authors of these maps, since such actions are considered as a rude violation of the copyrights!


Enjoy these maps on the Black Mesa Server and have fun!